Kathy Sosa Design

I, truth I am most comfortable with older homes and "new old house" interiors. People most often characterize my work as Relaxed and Unfussy. Lacking in pretension but with a hint of Sophistication. Classic yet Contemporary furniture shapes and finishes are a hallmark of my interiors. As are Rich Neutral backgrounds with punches of Color provided by an extraordinary or unexpected (sometimes vintage) textile.

I will travel the world to find just the right Textile or Accessory....or just as happily pick it up around the corner.

Every home should have at least ONE unique custom item..even if it's a single pillow. I adore texture, character and patina. Patterns are welcome but optional in a KSosa home. There are no formulas here, just a great deal of time and effort to achieve an effortlessy individual look for each person or family.